The Duty to be a Wealthy Mistress

Duty Sep 12, 2020

If a windfall sum of money fell into your hands, would it pour through the cracks between your fingers like grains of sand and be carried away on the winds?
Would a million dollars of lottery winnings vanish into a few expensive vacations? After the untimely passage of a family member, would the ensuing inheritance be transmuted into a new dungeon room?
Or will that bud become a bounty of further wealth? Wealth that is not just material goods, but a treasure of body and mind?

These questions have risen in the back of my mind about my dearheart, and it speaks to a curiosity: "If I give you everything I have, what will you do with it?"

My duty as Mistress entails enriching my dearheart in every way I can provide. When our relationship eventually ends, I aim to rest knowing that he was better off for having been with me.

Through his submission my dearheart is charging me with the duty to guide his growth, and to goad him when he falters.

Most importantly he entrusts the finances to me, that I may make him wealthy.

Wealth is not accomplished merely by amassing cash; it comes from fulfilment and having "Enough" – from not needing to stress about money, and having the power to create changes in the world at will.

By this measure, dumping money on my dearheart would be a disservice. Money tempts you to folly until you learn the discipline to wield it, much like a sharp blade with dual edges.

I and me are always too deep in conversation.
Photo by Reza Hasannia / Unsplash

On one edge is that money is the most widely accepted form of power. If you invest your money wisely it will reinforce that power. Yet on the other edge is the likelihood to squander the money. Or worse still, to undertake burdens that outweigh the original sum of cash: buying a too-large house, a new car payment, a boat, and so on.

Instead of dumping money into our relationship, we focus on growth, continual improvement, and graduated responsibility. Step by step, my dearheart and I learn more habits for handling money in such a way that it stays within our grasp.

To begin with I provided discipline: I pointed out when spending was too much. This was fraught with negativity, especially when my dearheart compared his expenses to my minimalist spending. He saw only how far apart we were, and felt as if he was an anchor – despite bringing in most of the income.

Photo by Lynda Hinton / Unsplash

Then came my dearheart's awakening when he realised how much these habits were costing us in the long run. It was costing us freedom, costing us other lives we could live. By discovering his own impetus, my discipline for my dearheart became a regular point of pride.
"Look how much we cut this month!" and "This trend is going down, good job dear."

Thus is our lifestyle on the path to wealth. Not lavish gifts and showering him with meaningless money, but developing strength and memories together. By bonding over finances. By nurturing my dearheart to make wealthy decisions, even if I am not there to direct him.



Mistress of the Home, responsible for all matters financial. A loving Domme tempered with ambition and attention to detail.