Freefall - Drabble

Drabble May 4, 2021

A drabble is a piece of fiction constrained to exactly one-hundred words. I use these short works to hone my brevity.

You know that feeling when you miss a stair and lurch forward and fall?
The spiking blood pressure, the tingling gut feeling, the jolt of adrenaline?

I like to imagine that's what it feels like when I push you over the precipice.

Don't worry, it's for your own good.
I will be right behind you, teaching you to fly on the way down.
I will never let you fall and fail on your own.
We still risk failure, but then the burden is spread upon my capable shoulders.
You will learn, whether you like it or not.
Cliff jumping with some friends
Photo by Josiah Gardner / Unsplash



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