Photo by Kristaps Grundsteins / Unsplash

Girlflesh - Drabble

Drabble Aug 14, 2022

A drabble is a piece of fiction constrained to exactly one-hundred words. I use these short works to hone my brevity.

I have a taste for it now.
The soft moans elicited with a bite of the girlflesh.
Drowning her in kisses, wanting to never hold back.
"Just use me, please use me the way you want to."

Pull back.
Pinned beneath.
Staring up.
Loving and wanting.

Intoxicate me with her scent, the sense of her.
Let a nibble turn to a bite.
I want to keep control,
Just as I want to lose myself.

Giving herself unto me, under me,
Whispering "I love you" between breaths.
She is my good girl,
Mine so long as I can bite her girlflesh.



Mistress of the Home, responsible for all matters financial. A loving Domme tempered with ambition and attention to detail.