Site Membership with Ghost 4.0

Meta Mar 17, 2021

With the advent of Ghost 4.0, blog membership is now a first-class feature of my domain! You can subscribe to the newsletter for free here, or you can sign up using the Ghost portal floating at the bottom of the screen.

There's two types of members: free members and premium members. As I gain more readers going forward I'll be publishing the occasional post that is exclusively for members, as well as exclusively premium posts under their respective tags.

If you choose to subscribe, it's worth repeating my privacy policy that we will never share your information with third parties without your express permission.

If you sign up using the ghost portal, you also have the option to support my site by paying for a premium subscription:

The ghost portal signup page

A few dollars go a long way for keeping my precarious self-hosted web stack running and connected, so many thanks to any who choose to support the domain this way!



Mistress of the Home, responsible for all matters financial. A loving Domme tempered with ambition and attention to detail.

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