Surrender to your Kiss - Drabble

Drabble Sep 10, 2021

A drabble is a piece of fiction constrained to exactly one-hundred words. I use these short works to hone my brevity.

Flutter a hundred kisses across my bare skin, and I will surrender under you – surrender unto you.
Trace your names for me into my willing flesh, as a steel-sharp reminder of whose I am.
Cage me in your prison of love.
Lash me to the beams with cord, lash me with a whip until I cry out, lash me past the limits of endurance.

For you I shall endure it all.
For you my body shall betray me.
Every twitch of anticipation a weakness of flesh, not mind.
When you are done they will say I died for love.



Mistress of the Home, responsible for all matters financial. A loving Domme tempered with ambition and attention to detail.

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