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The Breath of my Lungs - Drabble

Drabble Apr 12, 2022

A drabble is a piece of fiction constrained to exactly one-hundred words. I use these short works to hone my brevity.

Every day she catches the breath of my lungs,
and she tenderly cradles the pounding heart of my chest.
My rebellious tongue struggles to articulate my silent love.
With her I am helplessly smitten with adoration.

I trust her to lead me to a buffet, where we can all dine in abundance.
Until woe befalls us and we are driven away for what we are:
A zombie and its beautiful undying mistress, serving her beyond life itself.

Words may fail me, but I know that she understands my undying love.
Until my heart beats its last – and then forevermore too.
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