The Mistress

About the Mistress of Home and Finance:

The Mistress of Home and Finance is a loving, young, polyamorous, and queer Domme. She has modest goals of financial independence within her kinky household, followed by giving back to the world.

As befits her relative youth, she delights in learning daily; which is something you may notice as her topics for the blog are often her current interests. There is so very much of the world to learn about, and sharing that learning is a worthy endeavour.

The Mistress lives in sunny southern California because beauty inspires greatness, presently has only one partner that she refers to as her dearheart, and writes this blog as a form of love notes to her future self.

In her mundane life she works in tech, though she initially tried to avoid the industry. She hopes to escape the tech industry, so she's presently pursuing an engineering degree. She believes in cooperation and plans on working for co-ops in the future.

The Mistress is married to her submissive dearheart and will never had kids. She has a small biological family, ever since her mother died, but an expansive set of in-laws.

Feel free to contact her with your story, questions, or interesting tidbits of kink & finances:

Fetlife: MoHaF

Twitter: Mistress_oHaF

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