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Three Word Poems - Drabble

Drabble Jan 7, 2022

A drabble is a piece of fiction constrained to exactly one-hundred words. I use these short works to hone my brevity.

You can say a lot when you stick to three word poems, like "I love you" and "Hit me harder."
There is ever the classic: "Beg for me."
Not to mention the humbling "As you wish."

There are ways of pleading:
"Not yet, please!"
"Please go slower."

And directing:
"Do not stop."
"Keep doing that."
"Keep perfectly still."

"Are you ready?"
"Whenever you are."
"You want this?"
"Show me how."

"Grab my throat!"
"Take my love."

You can accomplish much with few words.
They form quick, assured, or sometimes even desperate love poems.
Communication is elegant in all its forms.



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