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Walkaway - Journal

Journal May 13, 2023

I am untethered and homeless, but I am always okay.

Before yesterday, my life was too small. I had not grown the way I had intended. Today marks a new chapter in the chaos that is my life.

Before, I thought I could control my life. That was an illusion rooted in how tiny my life had become. Truly? I do not wish to control my life, I seek simply to bring my intentions and then to flow where I may go.

Which is why I am homeless. I embraced the radical option, walked away from my life in California. Next comes the building up of something new now that I have been granted a fresh start.

I want a life of vibrancy and competence and mutual aid. Community and collective. So many people that my life is bursting at the seams with them – and to deal with all the problems that follow people.

There is no controlling that kind of life, only floating.

I have several unfinished blog posts, waiting for time and attention. We did our Pacific Northwest vacation, and it was amazing growth. I crave more of that. I doubt I will be able to write a journal about it for the blog.

What I want to do with this blog is uncertain.

I love seeing the fragments of my life through different phases and chapters. Even though it can hurt to reflect on.

I am not afraid of pain.

I will find my home again. My home is people, not a place or circumstance.



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