Welcome to My Domain

Meta Nov 1, 2020

Welcome to my domain!
I am the Mistress of Home and Finance, also known as Mistress or MoHaF for short.

Of my many interests, I wish to share several with you: first and foremost is finances. Inextricably entangled with that are power and relationships and lifestyle kink. These are all topics open to discussion within my domain.

Who am I? A modest young Domme that earned an appellation from my dearheart: Mistress of the Home and Finances. I use this blog to hone my financial understanding, practise my writing, and most importantly to educate others.

What can you expect to find here?

Finances are foremost as a topic, as they are foundational to security in life. There is great depth to be learned about how to manage finances. The more capable you grow, the more power you can effect. Sometimes I may cover the basics of finances, for those still early on their path of knowledge.

I write often about Life, both mine and in general. In truth this domain is partially a journal for showing my future self glimpses of my past mind.

Power is largely about the dynamics between people, be they personal or business relationships. I also write from my perspective as a growing Domme entrusted with my Command of my dearheart.

Duty comes hand-in-hand with power. I serve just as readily as I am served, as I have a dutiful disposition. Occasionally I articulate these obligations.

Poetic posts are not merely about flowery prose and the abuse of uncommon words. Instead poetry is concise communication. "If I'd had more time, I would've written a shorter letter" goes the famous quote. I strive towards this ideal, where few words are wasted.

Related to poetry are my drabbles, which are short works of fiction constrained to exactly 100 words. These are exercises in brevity and imagination.

Lifestyle kink is woven subtly through all I do, but not at the forefront. I aim to treat kink like a spice – a pinch here and there to add variety to life, but not overwhelmingly so. As a result, this domain of mine is largely safe for work.

As I identify as Queer, expect Queerdom to be a recurring topic. There is a whole world's worth of vibrant diversity amongst gender and sexuality, and I love to highlight aspects of it.

Likewise I am polyamorous, so I write about having multiple loving relationships at the same time.

Welcome once again, and I hope your sojourn through my domain is pleasant.
– Mistress of Home and Finance

Why I’m the Mistress of Home and Finance
First I earned my title of Mistress in the eyes of my submissive dearheart. Then I further distinguished my title by guiding him to buying a home.
For further reading about how I came to be called the Mistress of Home and Finance



Mistress of the Home, responsible for all matters financial. A loving Domme tempered with ambition and attention to detail.